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Aha Media Group

Aha Media Group

Content Marketing

Aha Media Group is a content strategy and content marketing consultancy located near Washington, D.C. We are experts in content strategy and digital communications solutions, including web writing and content development.

Binary Fountain

Binary Fountain

Reputation Management, Physician Directory & Transparency, Patient Experience

Binary Fountain is the leading provider of consumer feedback management solutions designed specifically for healthcare and multifamily residential in a single cloud-based platform. Its consumer experience platform is built on a proprietary NLP engine. Read more



Physician Engagement, Direct Marketing, Patient Experience, +2 More

Turn your member and patient touchpoints into personalized, engaging experiences across the wellness journey that increase loyalty and market share while reducing regulatory risks and operational costs.

Coffey Communications

Coffey Communications

Web Development, Licensed Health Content, CMS Software and Selection, +2 More

Coffey Communications, Inc., is a leading provider of content marketing tools for hospitals and health plans across the country. Our digital solutions include website design, SEO and social media publishing.



CMS Software and Selection, Online Scheduling, Digital Marketing, +6 More

Combinaut provides patient-focused design, software development, and world-class marketing tools to the healthcare industry. We are the creators of Sparkle, a one-of-a-kind digital marketing platform and CMS for health systems.


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Core Health

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Core Health

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