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We are the premier source for professional development for healthcare marketing, strategy, and physician relations executives.

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The Forum for Healthcare Strategists was established in 1996 by a distinguished group of senior healthcare strategists seeking an opportunity to collectively and critically examine strategies for the delivery and financing of healthcare. The Forum is a network of communication and professional development, with the ultimate purpose of inspiring new, creative, and more effective healthcare for individuals, organizations, and communities.


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Members of the Forum for Healthcare Strategists benefit from a variety of opportunities to share and explore innovative strategies for advancing the practices of marketing, communications, business development, physician relations, physician services, and sales in healthcare, as well as to examine and advance new and emerging healthcare delivery models.

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    The Coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on healthcare consumer attitudes, expectations, and behaviors, and...

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    The idea of returning to pre-COVID conditions is becoming less plausible by the day. Nearly every business model has had...

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    Communications and Cancer: Changing the Conversation

    The statistics are overwhelming—in 2018 alone, over 1.7 million cases of cancer were diagnosed in the U.S. And with...

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    If You’re Not Already Obsessing Over Consumer Experience, Start Now

    It’s time to face the facts: the consumerization of healthcare isn’t happening—it has happened. Yet, many...

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    Unlocking the Power of Patient Personas and Attitudinal/Behavioral Segmentation

    There is an age-old marketing saying that goes “I know that 50 percent of my advertising is working, I just don’t...

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    Activating Your Healthcare Heroes: Creating Passionate, Experience-Driven Brand Ambassadors in the COVID Age

    Although healthcare is a very human industry, many organizations don’t commit the effort to ensuring that employees...

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    01/28/2021 12:30PM
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    Overcoming the Hype: An Innovative Approach to Provider Alignment Strategy

    Healthcare leaders and liaison teams continue to be challenged to strengthen existing physician relationships, build new...

    Posted By Forum for Healthcare Strategists

    02/10/2021 12:30PM
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