Years of making smart happen.
About Strata Company

At Strata, we provide smart marketing solutions, with a genuine human touch. Whether you want to acquire new patients, overcome operational challenges, or execute an omnichannel new mover campaign, we have the people, processes, and technology to help you achieve your goals. To put it simply, you explain your challenges, we fill in the gaps, and together we make smart happen.

We're a lot of things (innovators, go-getters, marketing experts), but we're people first - and we know you are, too. That's why we believe the best way to help a business achieve its marketing goals is by focusing on the people who work there.

Strata's specialties in healthcare include:

Marketing Strategies and Services

  • SmartMove New Mover Marketing 
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Digital Technologies (Personal URLs, Landing Pages, Targeted Ad Technologies, Email)
  • In-house Design Services
  • Print, Mailing, and Marketing Fulfillment 

Technology Solutions

  • Marketing Collateral Management 
  • Direct Mail Campaign Management
  • Physician Practice Communications 
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Custom Development

For more than 25 years top performing companies have chosen Strata for complete turnkey solutions and individualized services that help them save time, money and resources – enabling their success in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing business landscape.

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Clients & Case Studies

Mid Sized Hospital
Pediatric Hospital
Regional Healthcare System

Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: Any
30% Focused on Healthcare
30% of Strata Company's customers are in the healthcare industry
Service Focus

Creative Services accounts for 10% of their focus
Direct Marketing accounts for 50% of their focus
Marketing accounts for 40% of their focus