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About Freshpaint

Freshpaint is a Healthcare Privacy Platform that connects and standardizes customer data from your site or app to your marketing and analytics tools. Freshpaint allows users to safely send customer data to their ads, analytics, and website tracking destinations that are not HIPAA compliant.

We help healthcare companies grow faster.

Our customers use Freshpaint to make their websites and entire marketing stack HIPAA compliant. It's impossible to use modern analytics and marketing tools without sharing sensitive HIPAA-regulated data. Our platform does the hard thing of moving data from A to B. And then we do the really hard thing of controlling the flow of sensitive HIPAA-regulated data to various 3rd-party marketing tools.

We're building the data infrastructure that safeguards patient privacy while also enabling marketing teams to promote access to healthcare.

Help us build the future.

Purpose Built for Healthcare Marketing in a Privacy-Focused World

Replace unsafe tracking tech
Freshpaint replaces all unsafe tracking technologies with a BAA protected platform.

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Block sensitive data by default
Freshpaint blocks data to any non-compliant tool by default, reducing compliance risks caused by human error.

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Preserve the visitor journey
Freshpaint creates an anonymous identification for every visitor, so you can still get a complete view of the customer journey while protecting privacy.

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Avoid high switching costs
Freshpaint’s secure server-side connections make sure tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads work the way you expect without giving them access to sensitive data.

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Company Brochure
Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: $50k+
100% Focused on Healthcare
100% of Freshpaint's customers are in the healthcare industry
Service Focus

Advertising accounts for 10% of their focus
Analytics accounts for 20% of their focus
Digital Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus
Digital Strategy accounts for 20% of their focus
Email Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus