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At Cast & Hue, we provide segmentation research, persona development, journey mapping, and design thinking expertise to a broad spectrum of industries, helping organizations to elevate their customer experience and cater to the consumer. Our exclusive method integrates empathy, observation, behavioral psychology, and technology, so together, we can cast a light on the people you serve and gain a deep understanding of their perspectives. Once we uncover when, where, why, and how their journeys intersect with your organization, we can create exceptional and meaningful experiences that people long for.

Service Focus

70% Focused on Healthcare
70% of Cast & Hue's customers are in the healthcare industry
Branding accounts for 20% of their focus
Patient Experience accounts for 60% of their focus
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Patient Engagement accounts for 20% of their focus
- 1 Review

Submitted by a verified client from a provider organization on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

We were most impressed with their commitment to design digital marketing processes with human behavior in mind. It’s a very different approach. Rather than just creating a customer journey, they dive two levels deeper to really understand not just what the customer does, but how they would interact with what you want to do as a company.
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  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Experience

This vendor would be at the top of my list
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We were most impressed with their commitment to design digital marketing processes with more

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Employees: 1001-10000
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