| 01/14/2019

Four Reasons to Write Reviews on MarTech.Health

Written by Ed Bennett

Reviews and ratings are critical factors when choosing vendors for important projects. The MarTech.Health directory offers Healthcare professionals an opportunity to write reviews on the 550 vendors profiled in the directory – and of course, to read reviews written by their peers across the industry. The community forming on MarTech.Health is enriched by every review.

Here are some of the many benefits to writing reviews:

  • Share your experience with your peers. Help colleagues who are considering a vendor understand what the experience will really be like. The best reviews describe what a vendor does well and what is outside its scope of expertise and offer tips on how best to work with the vendor. These details help your peers determine whether a vendor is the right fit for their project, their work style, their department and their organization as a whole. End users whose organizations have a “no endorsements” policy can still offer insights: Reviews can be posted anonymously with only a general description such as "Submitted by an Academic Medical System Professional”
  • Network with industry colleagues. For those able to offer feedback with their name attached, reviews offer additional networking opportunities. Peers are likely to reach out to review writers as they consider hiring a vendor.
  • Reward excellent vendors. A positive review on MarTech.Health offers another way to deepen your relationship with a partner that furthers your organization’s goals and your career.
  • Conduct post-project analysis. In writing a review, an end user will analyze recent engagements – what went well, what could be improved, how can my team can work more effectively with vendors. This analysis will likely yield actionable insights that will make future work with vendors more efficient and impactful.

Interested? See all the reviews at https://martech.health/reviews

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