| 02/22/2019

Healthcare Innovators: Ed Bennett of MarTech.Health

Written by Ed Bennett

By Jean Hitchcock, President, Hitchcock Marketing and Communications - 

The entrepreneurial hall of fame is filled with companies and individuals that have found opportunities in areas where others have not. Whether it’s a niche market, an untapped market or a creative way to utilize a new or developing technology, those that find great success are more often than not the ones thinking outside the box. Over a series of upcoming posts – this one included – we’ll be looking at some examples of healthcare companies that have made strides by tapping into hidden opportunities.

A great example of the large number of innovative companies in the healthcare space is the continued success of the annual Healthcare Internet Conference, the largest digital conference for healthcare, where healthcare leaders from around the country gather to explore the latest digital trends in the industry. Every year, there is a whole new group of vendors based on the ever-increasing developments in the digital healthcare space.

This is both good and bad. It’s great to see so many new companies offering new and innovative solutions. But how does one keep track of all these vendors? Enter Ed Bennett, founder of MarTech.Health, a directory of vendors serving Healthcare marketers, communications pros and digital teams. 

MarTech.Health is more than just an alphabetical list of vendors. The platform has organized over 500 vendors and grouped them across over 40 categories including advertising, creative services, mobile, video production, web development and more. In addition, it has sections dedicated to vendor comparisons and reviews. Bennett’s platform takes the onus off of healthcare industry consumers when trying to find, research, compare and rate the hundreds of vendors present in dozens of industry categories.

So much of innovation involves identifying pain points in a given population and thinking creatively to help alleviate that pain point. As an attendee at conferences like HCIC, Bennett no doubt understands how overwhelming it can be to evaluate so many vendors, and MarTech.Health is his solution.

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