| 06/15/2018

Top 5 Reasons Vendors Should Have a MarTech.Health Directory Profile

Written by Ed Bennett

An online directory is much more than just a digital phonebook—it’s a comprehensive platform that can help users quickly identify, learn about and engage with a business like yours, that’s relevant to their needs. There are several advantages to claiming your business profile on MarTech.Health Directory, including:

1        Easily connect with your 
        target audience

The MarTech.Health Directory has been developed so that it appeals to a well-defined niche of MarComm professionals working within the healthcare industry. Just as MarTech.Health’s “Vendor Trust Test” ensures that vendors are vetted and legitimate, the platform’s backend processes also validates users before they can leave reviews or request additional information.

2       Improve your visibility

When someone is looking to engage a vendor or consultant in new work, they’re likely to start by asking peers for recommendations or doing an online search. Maintaining complete, consistent and accurate information on MarTech.Health should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. It can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and enhance your rankings to boost your overall digital presence. Without a MarTech.Health listing your chances of showing up in an online search are more limited, which can negatively affect your chances of being selected by potential clients.

3       Strengthen your reputation

The MarTech.Health Directory replicates traditional and trusted “word-of-mouth” references on a scalable, searchable platform. When your present and former clients provide positive feedback, that validates your value and can positively influence new business decisions. The platform also offers actionable communication and open feedback loops that allow you to nurture client relationships, monitor your reviews and respond to users directly.

4      Access more actionable data

When you log in to the MarTech.Health Directory, you’ll be greeted by the a simple, effective admin dashboard. This dashboard provides a snapshot of real-time engagement data that will help you easily evaluate the users visiting your profile and better understand the impact of your content. Knowledge is power, and the analytics that MarTech.Health provides can be very meaningful when it comes to meeting your business objectives and converting leads.  

5       Grow your business—affordably!

Within the complex and ever-changing healthcare industry, business leaders increasingly turn to outsourced vendors to help them attract and engage providers and patients. Listing your business in the MarTech.Health Directory maximizes your market reach, enabling you to engage with high-quality leads at an incredibly low price. Each time a user views your profile it’s an opportunity to make a positive impression and gain a new client!

The MarTech.Health Directory offers two levels of membership to meet your needs. Choose from either a standard or premium listing, and start getting your business in front of the right people today!

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