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About Westcott Communications

Effective communication is essential, and we understand our role in the overall patient care experience. Since 1990, we’ve helped hospitals, medical groups, health plans and related businesses effectively reach both internal and external audiences.

  • Patient-focused content about medical procedures and services, including bariatrics, cardiology, general surgery, internal medicine, mental health, neurology, oncology, orthopaedics, pediatrics and rehabilitation.
  • Dramatic success stories featuring physicians, nurses and patients we’ll never forget.
  • Topical health, wellness and lifestyle articles, such as microblading and sleep hygiene.
  • Easy-to-understand content explaining health plan benefits and policies.
  • Employee and medical staff newsletters, from writing and editing to complete project management.

We also wrote a 282-page textbook for a 40-hour medical and health care interpreter training course.


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CHOC Children's
Health Plan of Nevada
Monarch HealthCare

Min. Project Size: Any
100% Focused on Healthcare
100% of Westcott Communications's customers are in the healthcare industry
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Communications accounts for 10% of their focus
Content Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Patient Education accounts for 10% of their focus
Print Publications accounts for 60% of their focus