Marketing, Outreach & Patient Engagement that Affects Positive Change in Population Health, One Community at a Time.

Not everyone has access to the proper health education and as a result their health suffers. We firmly believe to affect change; healthcare organizations need a comprehensive strategy to outreach to patients with the right health information and actively promote equitable access to quality providers throughout their service areas. Proper implementation of these strategies will: Elevate a population’s health consciousness, Bring in a steady flow of new patients, & Ultimately lead to more lives saved.

Service Focus

100% Focused on Healthcare
100% of Target Continuum's customers are in the healthcare industry
Digital Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus
Marketing Automation accounts for 10% of their focus
Patient Education accounts for 30% of their focus
Public Relations accounts for 10% of their focus
Reputation Management accounts for 10% of their focus
Social Media accounts for 10% of their focus
Web Development accounts for 10% of their focus

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Clients & Case Studies

Berks Community Health Center
Gardner Health Services
Salina Family Healthcare Center

Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: Any