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Siteimprove is a SaaS solution that helps organizations achieve their digital potential by empowering teams with actionable insights to deliver a superior website experience and drive growth. Siteimprove has 550+ employees across 13 offices, helping over 7,200 customers globally. We’re part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the leading group developing international web standards, and an exclusive Adobe Accelerate Partner.

Service Focus

50% Focused on Healthcare
50% of SiteImprove's customers are in the healthcare industry
Analytics accounts for 30% of their focus
Design accounts for 30% of their focus
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SEO/SEM accounts for 40% of their focus
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Submitted by a verified client from a health system on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I have had the pleasure of bringing SiteImprove into three different health systems and they have been a key cog in each of my team's QA processes. I can't speak highly enough of their platform for QA and WCAG compliance. The interface is easy to use, the reports are insanely thorough and the whole platform makes it easy to find very granular issues at either a site-wide or page-specific level. If you're running a healthcare provider property with at least a couple thousand pages and you're not using SiteImprove, I highly recommend signing up for a demo. Chances are, what you'll uncover with a sample scan of just 100 pages will quickly have you looking for room in your budget for this.
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  • Design

This vendor would be at the top of my list
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I have had the pleasure of bringing SiteImprove into three different health systems and more

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