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From Observation to Innovation

At Simon Associates Management Consultants, SAMC, we help our clients successfully respond to changing business environments. Offering a full array of idea generation, innovation, and change support, we show companies how to respond to new economic situations, shifting customer demands, and the need for growth. SAMC applies the concepts and methods of anthropology to help clients "see, feel and think" in new ways to adapt to changes in the environments in which they operate. All too often these companies stall out trying to stay true to their own mission and models only to find that they are losing relevance. Take advantage of our expertise as anthropologists and business leaders to help you make change happen.

Service Focus

50% Focused on Healthcare
50% of SAMC Simon Associates Mgmt Consultants's customers are in the healthcare industry
Branding accounts for 20% of their focus
Content Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Digital Strategy accounts for 10% of their focus
Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus
Patient Experience accounts for 10% of their focus
Leader and Staff Development accounts for 10% of their focus
Strategic Planning accounts for 20% of their focus

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Clients & Case Studies

Hurley Medical Center
St. Vincent's Medical Center
Westchester Health Partners : Northwell Health

Employees: 1-10
Min. Project Size: Any

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