PrescRXptive Communications, LLC, is a boutique consulting group that tackles your unique challenges with a solid track record of public relations and marketing achievements and well-honed communication skills. Your success is tied to your ability to create connections. Where do your sales come from? How do people find you amid the noisy digital landscape? How are you forging connections with the specific groups you need to target? We are trained and experienced at making those connections. We are expert storytellers who know how to position your brand in order to gain the attention of your target audience. We have created winning campaigns for a wide range of clients, from healthcare to software, home maintenance to consumer goods.

Service Focus

60% Focused on Healthcare
60% of Prescrxptive Communications's customers are in the healthcare industry
Advertising accounts for 20% of their focus
Social Media accounts for 30% of their focus
Communications accounts for 50% of their focus

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Clients & Case Studies


Employees: 1-10
Min. Project Size: Any