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Feedback specializes in developing contextual voice-of-the-consumer research through digital channels to reveal how audiences speak to peers, make decisions, and compare services. We help our clients understand their audiences in ways that automated technologies simply cannot. Using our unique HumanFilter social listening process to conduct ethnographic research, our hand-trained data scientists (from fields such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology) observe behaviors, identify preferences and channels, develop decision pathways, and analyze findings.

We believe that persistently illuminating, understanding, and advocating for populations will empower decision-makers and improve outcomes.

Businesses are constantly seeking deeper insights into the (ever-changing) minds of their customers. What do they need today? What will they need tomorrow? How do they feel about my brand and my products? What does their decision path look like?

To answer these questions, marketing professionals frequently turn to software tools and dashboards. All too often, however, these tools fail to provide the depth of information they need. It’s one thing to have easy access to data like basic social media metrics and brand mentions in a given time period, but having the insights and ability to truly understand why customers make decisions – and to have this information on a global scale – is another. Software tools can neither solve this problem nor recommend action; they are limited by the constructs of their code. But Feedback can do these things, and does so everyday for its clients.

We are a human company. We are not a software company.


Feedback’s Dean Browell and Optum’s Danny Fell have been speaking on “thick data” at conferences... read more


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Clients & Case Studies

Bon Secours Health System
British Columbia Ministry of Health
Kindred Healthcare
Nationwide Children's Hospital
The Vision Council
UNC Health
Valley Health

Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: Any
85% Focused on Healthcare
85% of Feedback's customers are in the healthcare industry
Service Focus

Market Research accounts for 100% of their focus