Data Backed. Human Focused

We create innovative media using data-backed practices, coupled with creativity to provide "human-focused" experiences. We are an award-winning and forward-thinking full-service agency with years of experience wokting with HCP´s. We have remained at the forefront of specialized multillingual/multicultural media and marketing for three decades. EContent Digital has worked with some of the top brands in the US, Latin America, and Europe, pushing the digital marketing envelope further every day. Patients and consumers expect cultural relevance, personalization and engagement. Marketing quality needs to be as good as the content people are interested in.

Service Focus

75% Focused on Healthcare
75% of EContent Digital's customers are in the healthcare industry
Digital Strategy accounts for 20% of their focus
Social Media accounts for 30% of their focus
Video Production accounts for 20% of their focus
Digital Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus
Translation accounts for 10% of their focus

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Employees: 1-10
Min. Project Size: Any