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Posted By Medicom Health on 05/04/2021 in Webinar

Modern Content Marketing for Health Systems

Modern Content Marketing for Health Systems
06/16/2021 - 06/16/2021
3:00PM - 3:45PM

PART 3 of 3: Creating a Conversion Path from Engagement to Encounter

In the final part of this growth-focused series, experts from Medicom Health and True North will share tips that help convert leads and generate service line revenue.

Whether seeking to nurture existing prospects or capture more local consumers searching for care, this session is for you.

We’ll explore proven insights and real-world examples to help you grow patient volume and gain a competitive advantage.

In this 45-minute webinar:

  • - Why consumers are switching providers more than ever
  • - Integrating paid and organic channels for maximum ROI
  • - The most effective content types and keywords


Recordings of Parts 1 & 2

Part 1: Research Stage Strategies – How to Grow Audience & Awareness in 2021

Part 2: Evaluation Stage Strategies: How to Guide Decisions & Grow Volume for 2021

Presented by:

Jane Crosby

Vice President of Strategy
True North Custom

As the strategy lead for True North Custom, Jane collaborates with clients to generate and implement innovative strategies to drive brand engagement and service line growth priorities. Formerly with Medicom Health, Jane has extensive experience working with healthcare marketing leaders to effectively execute on key marketing initiatives. Jane, who earned a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, brings passion and energy to each True North client to ensure the long-term success of projects and client partnerships.

About True North Custom
True North Custom’s team of creative and analytical marketing strategists are passionate about helping healthcare marketers achieve their goals at any point in the content strategy continuum. For more than 30 years, they have helped hundreds of healthcare brands of all sizes with content strategy, email marketing, service line campaigns, and data analytics. No matter the market, True North Custom’s award-winning content and data-driven campaigns move audiences from awareness to action.

Tony Huth

President & Co-Founder
Medicom Health

Tony Huth is Co-founder and President of Medicom Health. For over 20 years he has developed award-winning software tools to help hundreds of the most influential health organizations inspire and empower millions individuals to address their health concerns.

About Medicom Health
Our online health risk assessments (HRAs) are the ultimate in personalized, interactive content for patient engagement and acquisition. Consumers want to know “Should I come in for this health concern?” That’s what our HRAs provide – quick, convenient, yet personalized recommendations. We make it easy to connect users to the best point of care for them AND your available resources. Plus, you can nurture ongoing digital relationships with the data and opt-ins they provide. We’ll help at every step!