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Posted By Jennings Healthcare Marketing on 04/14/2020

Your Non-Existent Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

From Dan Dunlop - Co-Owner/Principal at Jennings Healthcare Marketing -

After participating in a Zoom panel discussion on post-pandemic healthcare marketing hosted by my friend Jared Johnson (@jaredpiano), I decided that the topic deserved more attention. Frankly, the survival of our hospitals and health systems depends on how we gear up our marketing as we emerge from this crisis. Our hospitals are facing both a public health crisis and a financial crisis. Many of them may not survive the financial crisis. 

With that in mind, we need to be prepared to hit the ground running with revenue-producing, margin-generating marketing once we’re on the backside of this pandemic. We also need marketing that reduces fear and anxiety as people contemplate returning to our facilities for elective procedures. And we don’t have the luxury of taking a lot of ramp up time. 

That means we need to be planning now. Check out my video on the subject. It is far longer than my typical video but I believe this topic is worthy of 10 minutes viewing time.