Posted By Healthcare Video Edge on 10/30/2018

Patient Testimonial Video - Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy group we produced this video for strives to make people even better than they were before their injury. Our objective with this patient testimonial video was to help them prove that through an engaging, visual patient story. 

We couldn't simply interview this patient on a couch or a bench. We wanted to see, hear and feel his true passion and gratitude for the care he received - and how that care now helps him reach physical goals he once thought impossible. 

To achieve this, we mounted cameras all over his bike, chased him down the street with our image stabilizer, and drove in front of him, next to him and behind him as he pedaled. Then, we interviewed him so he could share his story in his words. (It was a fun day!)

Because he'd documented some of his recovery on his social media, we were also able to weave in those materials to bring even more intimacy and authenticity to his personal patient experience.

Every patient experience is different and unique - therefore, so is every shoot, edit and final video. The message dictates our approach.

If you want to tell your brand story through patient testimonial videos, our team of video storytellers would love to help. Let's collaborate!

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