Posted By Healthcare Video Edge on 11/02/2018

Patient Testimonial Video - Heart Transplant

This was one in a series of patient testimonial videos we produced for a "Why Choose Us" campaign for this pediatric hospital.

Because of the extensive healthcare experience we have, and the trust we've developed with our clients, you'll see that we were able to shoot intimate, telling video of this toddler and her care team while she was barely post-transplant in the ICU. We know how to effectively capture the details to tell a story, while understanding and respecting that patient safety (gelling in and out of rooms, of staying out of the way of nurses and doctors etc) are the number one priority.

This is a simple story, simply told - yet with a powerful message of the expertise and compassion of a team that took on a tiny patient that other hospitals turned down because she was simply too sick. 

Over the years, we've had the privilege of capturing amazing moments to tell stories that move and connect: when a neurosurgeon celebrates the successful removal of a hard-to-get tumor, when a transplanted heart begins to beat inside the recipient's chest, when a new baby announces its arrival with its first beautiful cry. It's one thing to get sound bites, later, about these moments - it's a whole other level to capture them as they happen, and share that with your audience.

When you have an important healthcare story to tell, our team of video storytellers would love to help. Let's collaborate!

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