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Enterprise patient feedback solution
About Patients-Count by Mobius Vendor Partners

Introducing Patients-Count© by Mobius Vendor Partners…            

Measure – Manage and enhance your patient and employee experience at every step of the care journey.

Patients-Count is an online enterprise feedback management system tailored to the health care industry to help you capture, measure, and report your patient (PX) and employee experience (EX) at each step of the care journey. 

  • HCAHPS Software
  • Contact Center Measurement
  • Clinic and office visits
  • Provider management
  • Process improvement


We recognize that patient experience and employee satisfaction are strategic initiatives. Our customized platform and consulting expertise are designed to help you measure and improve your care experience at every touch point.

  • Currently supporting 40+ languages with 70+ report templates
  • Deployed with email, SMS, QR Code, WhatsApp, website, telephone mail & more
  • Proven, customized consulting expertise to help you go beyond the data


Ask the Questions that Matter to enhance the patient experience
Patients-Count helps you measure not only episodes of care, but every step of the patient journey, including between-care episodes. Our platform features:

  • Flexibility in question content and type to ask what really matters and determine actionable items.
  • Dynamic ability to drill down for further information based on responses.
  • Capable of content rotation and dynamic survey formats to ensure higher response rates.
  • Enterprise management system (EMS) to include all necessary stakeholders in design, deployment and reporting.

                                                                                   Expand Your Reach
Meet your patients where they are to expand your reach and drive engagement.

  • Deploy surveys via email, SMS, QR Code, WhatsApp, website, telephone, mail (via scanning technology) & more.
  • Currently supporting 40+ languages with 70+ report templates, we remove barriers to accessibility and understanding.

Go Beyond the Data to actionable analytics
Produced and managed by a 24-year professional business process consulting firm, Patients-Count offers consulting expertise at every stage of the feedback management process to ensure you’re meeting your goals. We offer:

  • 27/7 custom reporting and clear accessible measurement to create equity and to make appropriate process improvements
  • Raw data export for every report allowing for benchmarking
  • Immediate low/high score “alerts”
  • Enhanced AI text analytics for qualitative sentiment analysis using Keatext 

Protect Patient Privacy
Patients-Count employs rigorous security standards to help you protect your patient data, and is compliant with the following global, federal and state regulations:

  • HIPAA compliant, W3C compliant, TCPA compliant, GDPR and CCPA compliant

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