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About Mytonomy

The Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud TM

Our platform enables delivery of data-driven, personalized information at scale, accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time, resulting in happier patients, families, and hospital staff.

Patient & Staff Education

Education solution provides personalized microlearning (video/audio/PDF) to drive down clinical variance and improve patient retention of critical knowledge on how patients and caregivers can prepare, recover and live a healthy life.

Library Manager

A comprehensive, open content library allows you to manage all of your patient education content from any source (across multiple formats: PDFs, video, audio, images, URLs) to better meet patients where they are.

Survey Manager

Our configurable Survey Manager allows you to program your own surveys, or use validated 3rd party instruments, with responses displayed in our Dashboard.

Nurse Navigator & Outreach

The administrative dashboard provides individual, cohort, and population profiles to track and monitor usage and viewership. Outreach functions allow staff to access patient listings to enroll, remind of appointments, and communicate with patients via text or email.

E-Informed Consent

Online informed consent starts at home and is completed pre-procedure significantly accelerating the enrollment process for studies and delivering a better experience while reducing risk.

Data & Analytics

Robust real-time reporting & analytics aggregate disperse patient data and enable "SMART" data-driven care decisions.


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Interoperability EHR Integration

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Submitted by a verified client on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Mytonomy has visionary leaders who understand the importance of patient education and engagement as part of a digital front door strategy. They offer a deep library of microlearning videos that have been vetted by leading health organizations, with data supporting how their content improves health outcomes and reduces costs for providers. Mytonomy has its own video production studio with very experienced professionals -- production value is very high for both live action and animated content. Their patient-facing UI/UX is very intuitive -- when they call their service "Netflix for healthcare" that's spot on -- and encourages binge watching. Mytonomy's seamless integration with Epic makes it very easy for providers to assign content, and easy for patients to access video education via MyChart. They make great use of email and text messaging to keep patients engaged once they have activated Mytonomy-powered services. One thing to be aware of as you consider Mytonomy is that their product roadmap is very aggressive, and they push new features and functionality that may not necessarily be a good fit for every health organization. It is important to know your needs as be very direct with Mytonomy regarding expectations and project scope, because they will definitely push you to do more.
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Mytonomy has visionary leaders who understand the importance of patient education and enga...read more

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