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Modern healthcare consumers have high expectations when it comes to healthcare experiences. They want quality and convenience at all times, especially when it comes to using digital tools. They want to tap, swipe, and click, using one hand and in real-time—without backtracking. At Modea, we fundamentally believe that when a healthcare system provides an intuitive and frictionless digital customer experience it helps build stronger relationships with its customers.

At Modea, we solve this problem for healthcare organizations by doing two things: 1) consulting with them to develop a strategy for providing their customers with this experience, and 2) engineering, designing, and integrating the digital tools that make the experience happen. 

If your customer experience is outdated, it will cost you business. We can help you stay competitive and relevant in the current age of the mobile consumer, whether your marketing team has a clear picture of what to do, or you need an expert to help you develop a digital transformation roadmap. 

We do this consulting and development work because we believe that digital tools should help healthcare consumers have more choice, be more in control, and enjoy greater transparency. Healthcare organizations that integrate these tools and create well-thought-out, empowering customer journeys will thrive.

We want to help you thrive.


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Submitted by a verified client on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

We needed consultation and design resources to improve our website user experience. The project focused on all search experiences, including global, physician, and location searches. Modea was hired to conduct research and design work on a new UX. All of the designs they provided had very positive feedback from not only our team, but also from people outside of our team. The people at Modea are exceptionally bright and considerate. They worked closely with us and were quite meticulous in their planning. They were also willing to try new things and had a humble demeanor, which I admire because there is always something new to learn. Chris and his team seem to be quite enthusiastic and motivated.

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We needed consultation and design resources to improve our website user experience. The...read more

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