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Posted By Modea on 04/27/2021

Free Report - A New Value Equation for Digital Healthcare

Free Report - A New Value Equation for Digital Healthcare

Why your website’s poor connective tissue might be costing you money

It’s fair to say that the experience of living through a pandemic has forever changed consumer behavior, especially for healthcare. Patients demand quality and affordability now more than ever, but what else? 

Modea examined customer website behavior from three large health systems during 2020 to uncover lessons about how the use of digital tools has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding these trends will help you prioritize decisions regarding how to best serve your current and future customers on the web.

Download this new report today to:

  • Learn how the pandemic has forever changed value equation for healthcare

  • See real data and examples that show firsthand what customers value most on the web

  • Get 3 actionable next steps to get your team thinking about how to prioritize your customers’ needs