We're a demand-gen paid media agency operating at the intersection of audience & action to maximize return on ad spend.

Mediate.ly is a dynamic demand-gen paid media agency dedicated to optimizing return on ad spend. Situated at the crossroads of AdTech and expertise, Mediate.ly leverages the power of technology to work more intelligently, allowing the team of best-in-class experts to work harder for you. The agency specializes in connecting the dots between audience and action, with a focus on the health, education, financial services, and manufacturing sectors. Mediate.ly is based out of West Palm Beach, Boston, and Hartford. Elevate your media strategy by visiting mediate.ly.

Service Focus

55% Focused on Healthcare
55% of Mediate.ly's customers are in the healthcare industry
Advertising accounts for 30% of their focus
Digital Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Digital Strategy accounts for 10% of their focus
Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Media Services accounts for 20% of their focus
SEO/SEM accounts for 10% of their focus
Social Media accounts for 10% of their focus

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Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: Any