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1030 Sync St
Morrisville, NC 27560
Integrated Intelligence for Accelerated Impact
About Kinetic from Syneos Health

Kinetic™ is Syneos Health’s modern customer engagement capability built to address business-critical challenges with greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness, across the product development spectrum. Powered by a team of data scientists, behavioral experts and channel strategists, Kinetic deploys advanced targeting, analytics and the latest technologies to make fully integrated omnichannel solutions accessible to healthcare organizations.

We focus on Intelligence, Experience and Performance – three pillars working in unison to exceed targets throughout clinical and commercial activities and milestones.

Within these pillars, Kinetic delivers person-level relevance designed for the future of healthcare engagement via:

  • Superior advanced targeting capabilities at the individual, influencer and focused cohort levels
  • A unified view of an individual’s behaviors across channels
  • Triggered 1:1 automation to sequence the right message in the right personal/nonpersonal channels across delivery platforms, at the right time
  • Matrixed content that activates motivation by delivering personal relevancy at speed and scale
  • Performance analytics that determine cause and effect – we don’t leave you data rich but insight poor

We have tech-enabled, human-centered solutions for: 

  • Amplifying sales and MSL team success
  • Accelerating Clinical Trial Recruitment via HCP Referrals
  • Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

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