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1030 Sync St
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Building Lasting Relationships from Lab to Life
About Kinetic from Syneos Health

Kinetic™ from Syneos Health® is a team of data scientists, channel strategists, technologists and industry experts working together to deepen insights into audience behavior and connect real world data intelligence across channels, platforms and content. We create integration-ready, custom-designed omnichannel relationship solutions for connecting healthcare providers with life sciences companies at critical moments along the asset lifecycle.

All our solutions are designed for flexible use and media delivery across clinical development, medical affairs and commercial delivery settings. We use an open, source-agnostic, and highly flexible architecture for a truly customer-first, consultative approach that drives measurable business results, not just standard metrics.

 Specifically, we help our customers:

  • Identify highly motivated healthcare audiences
  • Connect with those audiences across channels
  • Make messaging decisions based on individual behaviors
  • Measure engagement and channel attribution

We believe through innovative tech and advanced data analysis, we can create meaningful, personalized, and long-lasting relationships with healthcare audiences for our customers. Our solutions include

  • Advanced Audience Intelligence – Pinpoint your highest-impact HCPs through a combination of robust data and complex segmentation markers for optimal relationship-building.
  • Digital Amplifier– Our CRM targeting delivers automated digital messages to HCPs and reports engagement insights back to field teams across the asset lifecycle. We have Digital Amplifiers for specific use in clinical development, medical affairs, commercial delivery, conference and patient access settings.
  • Kinetic Digital Media/Programmatic Suite* – Our robust programmatic trade desk and data management platform (DMP) optimizes advanced audience targeting and makes our media deployment work while continuously refining strategies for greater impact on business goals.

  • Kinetic Engine –Our omnichannel orchestration tool creates seamless user experiences for field reps and media teams while managing everything under the hood.

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Company Brochure
Employees: 10000+
Min. Project Size: Any
100% Focused on Healthcare
100% of Kinetic from Syneos Health's customers are in the healthcare industry
Service Focus

Analytics accounts for 20% of their focus
Digital Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus
Marketing Automation accounts for 20% of their focus
Media Services accounts for 20% of their focus
Physician Engagement accounts for 20% of their focus