HealthBlitz not only identifies the exact strategy needed to achieve the growth you have been missing but spells out specifically how to do it. HealthBlitz works nationally with hospitals, health systems, and other health-related organizations to identify and execute matters most tactics for market growth. Adept at strategic marketing and business development since 1989, HealthBlitz approaches projects without a learning curve and gets right to work with the end result in mind. HealthBlitz works with health providers large and small to build services, develop turnaround strategies, implement referral development programs, provide market opportunity assessments, test new models of health care, and serve in business development advisory roles.

Service Focus

75% Focused on Healthcare
75% of HealthBlitz's customers are in the healthcare industry
Branding accounts for 30% of their focus
Market Research accounts for 40% of their focus
Web Development accounts for 30% of their focus

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Clients & Case Studies

Banner Health
Mercy Health
St. Lukes Hospital

Employees: 1-10
Min. Project Size: Any