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The Art + Science of Understanding
About Cobalt Communications

The Art + Science of Understanding

You’ve got something to say. You need someone to hear it — and understand it. That’s where Cobalt comes in. We work at the intersection of science and strategy, helping healthcare, medical, technology and scientific companies engage their internal and external audiences more effectively. We are experts at communicating complex information within complex organizations, and we always apply our collective imaginations to elevate your materials — and your messages — to a new level. 

Brand Strategy

Your brand is not something an agency gives you. Nor is it something you buy. Your brand is defined by the relationship you have with your customers, and it’s shaped by the messages you send and the response those messages elicit. An agency can, however, help you clarify — and harmonize — your messages across all channels and across all senses (visual, tactile, auditory) to ensure your audiences clearly differentiate you from your competition. Cobalt Communications offers a full suite of brand strategy services, from naming and positioning to identity design and development.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communication refers to efforts used by organizations to advance their organizational mission. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to do this effectively, and Cobalt brings together a diverse team of writers, designers and strategists to help our clients successfully communicate to key internal and external stakeholders.

Digital Strategy

Today, a marketing strategy must incorporate the full range of available digital media: the web, email, internet applications and mobile applications. Cobalt will work with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that will unify and align your communications across all channels and, as a result, elevate your brand in the consciousness of your audience.

Strategic Meetings

A typical business meeting is an exercise in futility — little gets done and time is wasted. This can’t happen in a strategic meeting, which, when organized and conducted thoughtfully, can serve as an excellent vehicle to connect vision to action, facilitate discussion, and lead to a comprehensive plan to achieve company goals. Strategic meetings can take many forms, but they have common elements: a clear objective that needs to be accomplished at the conclusion of the event and participants who are critical to meeting that objective. This could be making a decision, developing a plan, determining an implementation schedule, or identifying risks. Count on Cobalt to help you design, manage and deliver strategic meetings of any size and format.

Science-focused. Strategic-minded. We partner with global companies that employ thousands of people, as well as smaller businesses with just a few associates. Either way, we work best with organizations that appreciate the value of strategic communications.


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Submitted by Virginia Gatch at W.L. Gore & Associates on Thursday, September 21, 2023

 I've been impressed with Cobalt's ability to take complex problems and break them down to easy to understand concepts. And they really excel doing it in an engaging way. Their creative output is always thoughtful and compelling. A great partner!

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 I've been impressed with Cobalt's ability to take complex problems and more

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