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Patient engagement. Elevated.

Care Sherpa converts leads with follow-up services turning digital marketing spend into measured volume while increasing patient and provider satisfaction. - What We Believe: Experience matters, people remember how you make them feel. High-quality consumer-focused service builds trust and confidence resulting in high-quality patient outcomes. - What We Do: We build value for healthcare providers by personalizing the patient relationship in strategic service lines. - How We Do it: We optimize healthcare revenue by providing an outsourced conversion and patient management service.

Service Focus

100% Focused on Healthcare
100% of Care Sherpa's customers are in the healthcare industry
Analytics accounts for 20% of their focus
Patient Engagement accounts for 10% of their focus
Digital Marketing accounts for 10% of their focus
Digital Strategy accounts for 10% of their focus
Patient Experience accounts for 30% of their focus
AI/Chatbot accounts for 10% of their focus
Patient Education accounts for 10% of their focus

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Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: Any


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