FAQ - Your Company Profile on the MarTech.Health Directory

What is MarTech.Health and who is it for?

MarTech.Health is the leading vendor directory designed for healthcare marketing, communications, and digital professionals. With over 1,500 unique visitors and 4,500 pages view each month, it is the industry standard for vendor research.

Here are frequently asked questions from vendors about the directory.

Please contact me at ebennett@martech.health if I missed anything.


Ed Bennett

What are the requirements to be listed?

  • Have a significant number of healthcare clients (Providers, Payers, Pharma, etc)
  • At least three named clients on your profile
  • Services designed specifically for the U.S. healthcare market

What does it cost?

There are three levels to chose from:

  • Free Listing (no credit card required)
  • Standard Profile - $299/year or $29.99/month
  • Premium Profile - $599/year or $59.99/month

What are the features of each profile level?

Free Basic Listing

  • Your company logo
  • Listing in up to 10 categories (out of 40)
  • Contact Information - phone, website, address, etc.
  • Description of your firm - 750 characters
  • Private messaging from prospects
  • Three named clients with optional links to case studies on your site
  • Reviews and ratings from your clients
  • SEO Friendly URL

Standard Listing

All Free Features Plus:

  • Higher placement in default search results
  • Large header for your company branding 
  • Unlimited "About Us" HTML section, with images and links
  • Upload Company Brochure
  • Six named clients with optional links to case studies on your site
  • Setup service - one hour of setup and design (Graphic Header and About Us content)

Premium Listing

All Free and Standard features plus:

  • Highest placement in default search results
  • No advertising on your profile
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Embedded Twitter & Facebook widgets on your profile
  • Unlimited named clients with optional links to case studies on your site
  • Setup service - Two hours of setup and design

Plus Increase your reach with expanded content:

This content appears on your profile and is published on the entire site.

That's nice, but how much traffic does MarTech.Health get?

The directory gets appx 1,500 unique visitors and 4,000 page-views each month.

50% of that traffic is from your potential prospects.

We already have a listing on the SHSMD Company Directory. What makes MarTech.Health better?

In short it's cost, features and reach - See this chart for details

What are the sponsorship/advertising options on MarTech.Health?

Site Sponsor - your name and a brief message at the top of every page

Banner ads - Sitewide on in specific categories

Category Sponsor - Fixed logo and message at the top of service category - EXAMPLE

Can I see who reviewed me?

All reviews are anonymous by default, but the reviewer can choose to make that information public

Do you verify reviews?

Yes - All submissions require a name, organization, and work email address. This information is verified before the review is published.

Still have questions? View the comprehensive FAQ.


What Premium Vendors are Saying:

Our MarTech.Health listing has hugely increased the clarity, visibility, and exposure of The Berndt Group in a crowded healthcare market. Ed Bennett’s great industry perspective has also been a huge benefit. In addition to providing us with a targeted listing, he helps us develop a strategic approach to promotions and advertising in the healthcare sector.

John Berndt
 The Berndt Group

MarTech is a great place for vendors looking to increase their exposure and credibility in the healthcare marketing space. We love seeing WriterGirl promoted in the MarTech e-newsletter on their social feed because we know we're reaching our target audience.

Kirsten Lecky
Director of Client Partnerships

Modea’s listing on MarTech has made us stand out to prospective clients. Ed Bennett is a helpful partner who makes valuable recommendations for attracting more attention to our company profile. Modea will be renewing its membership for years to come.

Chris Riegger
Chief Operating Officer

The MarTech site is easy to use and includes the incredible help and support from Ed Bennett who is never too busy to answer my many questions, offer insightful suggestions, and brainstorm ways to help me achieve my goals.

Sue Riffel