Your Free Vendor Selection Assistant

What is MarTech.Health, who built it, and who is it for?

For almost two decades, my work at a large academic medical system included searching for vendors who could deliver marketing communications and digital projects on time and within budget. I understand the importance of choosing the right vendors without getting stuck in a maze of rabbit holes. I also understand how recommendations from trusted colleagues make a difference in the vendor selection process.

With this in mind, I developed MarTech.Health to meet the needs of healthcare marketing, communications, and digital professionals to find, evaluate, and engage vendors. More specifically, MarTech.Health is designed to bring value to the vendor engagement process by providing free access to:

  • An ever-growing database currently at 700 vendor profiles in over 40 service categories. 
  • A Vendor Compare tool that allows you to compare up to five vendors simultaneously
  • Learning resources like articles, audio, video and presentation materials
  • A growing events calendar.

In addition to the benefits listed above, you'll be able to enhance collective knowledge by Rating and Reviewing Vendors.

Want to contact vendors privately and anonymously? You'll be able to do that, too.

I welcome all feedback, good or bad. This directory exists to serve your needs, and I want to hear from you, so feel free to email at or call me anytime.


Ed Bennett

It's free? What's the catch?

No catch - the directory is funded by vendors paying for premium services and on-site advertising. The information you see now will remain free.

What's a Verified Listing?

All vendor listings are verified by me before they are published. I look for a track record of serving the healthcare space, including named healthcare clients and specialized services for our industry.

What information do vendors get about me?

Nothing - your contact info. site traffic and interactions are completely anonymous and will never be shared with anyone.

Why should I leave a vendor review?

I've lived in this industry for 20+ years, and have been impressed at the support we give to colleagues. At every conference, I see vendor recommendations and cautions shared between peers from hospitals, pharma, and payer organizations. This directory exists to make that feedback available to anyone 24/7.

My organization does not allow "vendor endorsements." Can I still leave a review?

Yes! By default, your review is anonymous and your identity is protected. You have the option to share your name and organization, by it won't be the default.

I know a great/bad vendor who is not listed.

I'm always looking for new additions to the directory.  Just email me the info and I'll get them added.

What benefits come with an account?

You can use the directory without a free account, but logging in lets you:

  • Bookmark vendors you want to research
  • Compare selected vendors
  • Anonymously message vendors with your questions. Especially useful if you have questions, but don't want a follow-up :)

Still have questions? View the comprehensive FAQ.