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Posted By Medicom Health on 04/05/2021 in Webinar

Why & How to Use Mobile to Capture Today’s Health Consumers

Why & How to Use Mobile to Capture Today’s Health Consumers
04/28/2021 - 04/28/2021
3:00PM - 4:00PM

Mobile Strategies for Health Systems to Create the Next-Generation Digital Front Door

Half of respondents in the 2020 Consumer Health Survey by Accenture agree that a bad digital experience ruins the entire experience with a provider and 39% believe a good digital interaction has a “major influence on the patient experience.”

Join us to hear Jeff describe how providers with well-executed mobile tools are nurturing them to become significant profit centers, with success is measured through their ROI.

Discover why you need to provide consumers the digital tools they expect before they seek virtual treatment elsewhere.

In this 1-hour webinar:

  • - Why mobile is critical to reaching your consumers
  • - Leveraging tech investments for optimal digital experience
  • - Great digital patient acquisition/retention strategies


Guest Presenter:

Jeff Harper 

CEO, Duet Health

About Duet Health
Duet Health is a software company delivering mobile and web products and strategy solutions for many of the nation’s leading health systems and children’s hospitals. Through innovative, and intuitive design we provide our clients the digital features and functions connecting today’s and the next generation’s consumer patient. Duet Health will deliver a superior mobile consumer engagement strategy representative of your organization’s brand.

Tony Huth

President/Co-founder, Medicom Health

Tony Huth is President/Interim CEO and a Co-founder of Medicom Health. For over 20 years he has developed award-winning software tools to help influential health organizations inspire and empower individuals to address their health concerns.