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Posted By Clearwave on 06/30/2021 in Webinar

Tips to Combat Recruiting and Staffing Challenges in 2021

Tips to Combat Recruiting and Staffing Challenges in 2021
07/29/2021 - 07/29/2021
2:00PM - 3:00PM

Recruiting and staffing challenges are top-of-mind for healthcare administrators across the country. We’ve seen shortages in hiring physicians and nurses, but for many specialty practices, recruiting and hiring front desk staff is seemingly impossible right now.

Because your front desk is the hub of your practice, says Georgia Vision Institute’s Administrator, Denise Martin, “it’s vital to empower the people you have, not overwork them.”

In this live webinar, Denise will discuss:

  • Current challenges in healthcare recruiting and staffing
  • Tips for saving staff hours per day and improving employee efficiencies
  • The before-and-after of implementing digital workflows
  • And more!


Presented by:

Denise Martin 
Administrator for Georgia Vision Institute