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Free Resource - Mytonomy Covid-19 Video Library

Free Resource - Mytonomy Covid-19 Video Library

In these unique times, Mytonomy is offering a “light” version of the Patient Experience Cloud free of charge. 

The PEC light gives health systems a fast, easy-to-deploy custom publishing platform with built-in surveys, SMS, and email capabilities, which can be rapidly configured to each health system forming the basis for virtual care delivery. 

It can be embedded into existing sites, integrate with your EMR, or exist as a white labeled standalone with no requirement for user authentication. It comes with all of the COVID-19 content out of the box (20+ videos in English and in Spanish) and can also be a source to post in-house or third party education in one centralized location.

In addition, the platform and content can support existing telehealth workflows to triage inbound calls to educate "worried well" customers, help monitor patients suspected of being infected, or link users to schedule a virtual visit.

Example - Why Social Distancing Can Protect You and Reduce the Spread

Patient Experience Cloud for COVID-19 Resource Page

Demo Site with Covid-19 Videos

Full Video List 

  • Coronavirus - What is it and How to Stay Safe?
    This video provides an overview of the Coronavirus, plus specific "Do's and Don'ts" to protect themselves and others from infection.
  • Coronavirus - Symptoms and Getting Checked
    This video looks at the symptoms of Coronavirus, including a mention of how they overlap with more common illnesses, plus an explanation of what people should do if they think they are infected and what the testing process involves.
  • Talking to Children About Coronavirus
    This video explains how to talk to children about the Coronavirus, including questions from real kids that our ER Doc answers in a reassuring way.
  • How Community Spread Happens Fast - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updated 4-7-2020
    This cartoon animation shows how healthy people are so important in curbing the spread of COVID-19 and how community spread occurs - sometimes unknowingly by seemingly healthy people spreading the disease rapidly in socially dense environments.
  • Why Social Distancing Can Protect You and Reduce the Spread
    The concept of “social distancing” and its importance in fighting COVID-19.
  • Applying Social Distancing to Your Life - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updated 4-7-2020
    Find out what social distancing means in your day-to-day life.
  • High Alert - Patients with Chronic Conditions
    Learn if you're at Higher Risk, what that means, and what you can do to stay healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Self Quarantine vs. Self Isolation
    This video looks at the concept of Self-Quarantine vs. Self-Isolate to help understand the differences between the two and what to do to carry out both.
  • Preparing for a Telehealth Visit
    Telehealth: what it is, why it may be used during the COVID-19 outbreak, and how to best prepare for a telehealth visit.
  • Reducing Coronavirus Stress
    Learn how to reduce anxiety, take care of your health, and strengthen your immune system during these challenging times.
  • I Feel Sick, Do I have COVID-19? What Do I do?
    What you should do if you feel sick with symptoms of COVID-19? Including calling ahead, getting tested and using virtual care options.
  • Dealing with the Anxiety of Social Isolation
    How to cope with the anxiety and fear of being required to stay home during the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Be the Hero: Stay Home
    Why social distancing, staying at home, and sheltering in place is the right thing to do for you and your community.
  • Immunocompromised and Covid-19
    This video addresses common concerns about Coronavirus for those living with Immunocompromised Conditions.
  • Pregnancy: How to Reduce Your Risk of Coronavirus Exposure
    This video addresses common concerns about Coronavirus in pregnancy
  • Pregnancy: Will My Delivery Be Different if I Have COVID- 19?
    This video walks you through possible impacts of COVID -19 during and after your delivery.
  • FAQ: Diabetes and Coronavirus
    If you live with Diabetes, we’ll walk you through how to care for yourself during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Hypertension and Coronavirus (WT)
    Jack is living with hypertension and he hasn't been taking his medications regularly before Coronavirus hits his state. He goes golfing and ends up sick with Covid-19. This video looks at what he could have done differently, and answers unique questions and concerns for patients with hypertension.
  • A More Scientific Understanding of Social Distancing for Teens
    Using science to make a case for social distancing and best practice with teens.
  • How to Talk to Teens About Social Distancing
    Using a clever mnemonic device "G.E.R.M.", the video offers help for parents and caretakers who are struggling to convince teenagers of the importance of social distancing.
  • Teens Ask Questions and Get Answers
    A video for teens and parents alike. A clinician answers teens’ questions about social distancing.
  • Food Safety and Coronavirus
    This video walks you through how to safely shop for groceries and order take out during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Caring for Someone with Coronavirus
    This video offers specific details on what to do if you are a caretaker and somebody in your house has Covid-19. Detailed information includes handling trash, doing laundry, and using disinfectants - including a recipe to make your own with bleach and water

More information:

Mytonomy, an enterprise SaaS company and film studio specializing in virtual care, announced today a novel configuration of its Patient Experience Cloud™ (PEC) platform to respond to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19, which include digitally educating, engaging and triaging large numbers of people outside the hospital to keep workers safe and reduce costs.

As providers turn to virtual care in the form of phone calls and video visits to meet the demand for healthcare, the need to triage the inbound phone calls and potential visits to the ED and Urgent Care takes top priority. Routing visits to telehealth is a common strategy, but not all patients need a telehealth visit right away.

The PEC gives health systems a fast, easy-to-deploy custom publishing platform with built-in surveys, SMS, and email capabilities, which can be rapidly configured to each health system forming the basis for virtual care delivery.

Building on a strong foundation of consumer tech combined with enterprise software, Mytonomy’s PEC for COVID-19 requires no login for patients, complements existing telehealth offerings found both inside and outside patient portals, and eliminates multiple points of friction in digital engagement.

The PEC for COVID-19 builds on Mytonomy’s past success for enabling similar types of virtual engagement across multiple health interactions spanning cardiology, oncology, diabetes and hypertension.

“Mytonomy has demonstrated that we can deliver consumer-internet-like user engagement by delivering hospital-approved and branded video education to patients across multiple condition areas. Our user-experience is designed for a training use case, unlike merely linking out to 3rd party videos. We can deliver this consumer attention to health systems looking to grow patient portal adoption, leading the public to rapidly sign-up for their telehealth offerings and absorb important information quickly,” said Vinay Bhargava, President, and co-founder of Mytonomy.

The PEC for COVID-19 can be deployed without any IT resources, in less than 72 hours and comes with 21 microlearning videos in English and Spanish along with CDC or WHO content. The Mytonomy content is clinically vetted, follows CDC guidelines, and can easily be tailored to support the local practice and messaging.

Mytonomy’s content publishing system allows health systems to rapidly upload any content of their choice to deliver to patients, providing a powerful initial engagement point for patients, followed by dynamic surveys for symptom checking, assignment into risk-based cohorts and delivery of tailored communication plans to patients while at home. This virtual engagement helps keep call volume down, prevents unnecessary flooding of access points, and allows staff to interact with patients most in need of a call or appointment.

Mytonomy microlearning video content for COVID-19 covers timely topics such as Practicing Self-Quarantine and Self-isolation, Reducing Coronavirus Stress, and Applying Social Distancing to Your Life. EMR integration is available with Epic MyChart, and the PEC can be used to mass email patients helping them sign up for MyChart if they don’t already have an account.

“As a leader in patient engagement, education, and experience cloud solutions, Mytonomy has an urgent responsibility to deliver virtual care tools that can help the entire healthcare industry prepare for and respond to the needs of their communities during this challenging time,” said Anjali Kataria, CEO, and co-founder.

To access the complete list of up-to-date Coronavirus content, visit Mytonomy’s COVID-19 response page at

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Mytonomy has a singular mission: empower people to become confident and active participants in their health. Being diagnosed with a health condition and navigating the health system is stressful and confusing, driving people to piece things together through a web search, friends, and social media. Mytonomy’s Patient Experience Cloud™ enables health systems to build trusted, loyal, online relationships using award-winning, microlearning video content delivered through an easy-to-use digital platform. With people spending an average of 30-40 minutes viewing Mytonomy’s short-form video content, on any device, at any time, they learn how to care for themselves and take charge of their health achieving better outcomes. Providers save valuable time and generate better financial results across multiple patient encounters. Mytonomy is like a “Netflix for healthcare”, enabling healthcare’s digital front door. Learn more at

Mytonomy’s Patient Experience Cloud™ enables health systems to build trusted, loyal, online relationships using award-winning, microlearning video content delivered through an easy-to-use digital p... Read more

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