Posted By NRC Health on 04/09/2020

Consumer-sentiment data on the coronavirus pandemic

Consumer-sentiment data on the coronavirus pandemic

UPDATED - April 13, 2020 - 


 The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has consumers feeling anxious. The situation has revealed the degree of trust that Americans have invested in their caregivers. People are turning to healthcare organizations for leadership, information, and stability as we weather this unprecedented crisis in public health.

To help guide leaders’ decisions during this pandemic, NRC Health conducted a nationwide survey of consumers to learn about their perceptions of the coronavirus and how it is impacting the United States.

The insights provided within this report offer a deeper understanding of the needs, wants, and desires of healthcare consumers during this health crisis.

When comparing consumer responses fielded by NRC Health between March 13 and March 17 to responses fielded between April 3 and April 6, it is clear consumers are taking the coronavirus pandemic much more seriously.

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