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4 Ways Technology Can Help Healthcare Organizations Do More With Less

4 Ways Technology Can Help Healthcare Organizations Do More With Less

Thanks to the frictionless journey provided by the likes of Amazon and Google, consumer and patient expectations for streamlined experiences are higher than ever.

Further, now that these consumer tech giants are playing in the healthcare space, the pressure on traditional healthcare organizations has intensified. (If you've had any interactions with OneMedical, now owned by Amazon, you probably know how easy it is to open the app, click on the visible "message" button, and send in a quickly-answered question about your health concerns. Not so with most legacy health systems.)

The difficult truth is that experiences in healthcare are largely old, not updated, and not consumer-friendly. But it's not that organizations don't want to be more like Amazon; it's that it's hard to compete when working with lower budgets, fewer people to do the work, and legacy technologies.

Healthcare organizations today are tasked with doing more with less — at just the moment when the average consumer is expecting you to do more.

The good news: while you work to figure out how to meet your objectives and reduce friction for patients and consumers, there are ways technology can help. Here are four ways to leverage tech to help you do more with less:

Use generative AI technology to help you write content for your website

If you think AI is only relevant for the tech sector, think again.

Did you know that you can input information like provider name, gender, board certifications, special interests, and more — and have a machine write a decent bio to use on a provider page on your website? AI content generation also works for FAQs, blog posts, and more.

If your organization needs to spin up simple, digestible content quickly — but lacks the bandwidth or resources to do it the "old-fashioned" way — AI content generation is an incredible asset: it's quick, cost-effective, and scalable. Further, it can work with your current approach creating content as an accelerator or a supplement — not a replacement.

Click here to learn more about content generation.

Automate how you respond to reviews

Organizations can leverage automatic review response capabilities via ChatGPT or tap into review response offerings from a vendor.

Among other options, Yext offers Intelligent Review Response to help organizations quickly triage and/or answer reviews on a regular basis — helping you save time while cultivating a better online reputation and building loyalty.

Click here to learn more about Intelligent Review Response.

Connect platforms via API to make sure data can transfer from one platform to another

This takes time to accomplish, but it saves time in the long run. Organizations outside of healthcare learned how to connect the dots between platforms much earlier — and now it's healthcare's turn to realize the value that exists in ensuring data can move smoothly from one platform to another.

Click here to learn more.

Leverage Google

Even with all of the press around how search is getting more competitive, it certainly isn't going away — so put your best foot forward when it comes to how you show up in Google search results (and all search results).

Think about it: Google is already doing all of the work to help people digitally find care. Instead of fighting it and thinking that people will come to your website to find information, align yourselves more closely with Google and Google's strategy.

How? Make sure you're actively managing your provider and facility listings and reviews to ensure that they are working on your behalf. Accurate, up-to-date listings — as well as positive reviews, of course — help people evaluate care options at your organization easily and efficiently. That way, they don't opt for another organization or provider like CVS, Amazon, or a local competitor in your market.

With these four strategies, your organization can leverage technology in a way that will save you time — and money. Further, if you're working with the right tech vendors, you'll be able to tap into their expertise to help you chart a path forward.

You might not have time to educate yourself, but your vendors should be your true partners, helping you better understand what is going on in the industry and brainstorm ways to improve your team's efficiency.

Yext is here to help. Click here to learn more about addressing evolving patient expectations.

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