Posted By Frederick Swanston on 06/20/2019

2019 HMPS Recap - What We Learned

2019 HMPS Recap - What We Learned

We recently attended the 24 Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit. Here's what we took away from the sessions.

Cancer In Other Words

A reminder to understand the appropriate language from the patient’s perspective.

For years, we’ve talked about a “War on Cancer” without recognizing that how we speak bears weight. NRC research concludes that patient success doesn't hinge on “fighting”, and such language isn't helpful. Phrases respondents preferred were: 'beating,' 'overcoming' and 'surviving'.  A Virtua Health System ethnographic study showed that cancer patients spoke differently among themselves than with others. So, as marketers, it’s not about bringing patients into your brand’s world. It’s about your brand playing a meaningful role in theirs.

Some other highlights

And we were reminded over and over about competition and the disruptions to healthcare today: 

  • AI, Chatbots, mobile health and competition coming from larger and larger healthcare companies
  • Walgreens spoke at length about the importance of new partnerships
  • Four marketing VPs spoke about how working in retail marketing companies like P&G or Fischer Price Toys in their early careers gave them a basic understanding- the consumer must drive marketing strategy and tactics
  • Companies like Amazon, Google, Airbnb and Netflix are changing the expectations consumers have of access to a company’s products
  • The rate that employers are driving their employees’ healthcare choices was best demonstrated by the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan non-profit called “Haven,” which is aimed at improving health care for their 1.2 million combined employees

Share in our congratulations

We are so glad you visited our Frederick Swanston booth to enter the “contest” for the Margarita Crate! We are pleased to announce that we have two (2) winners: one was awarded by the Forum for Healthcare Strategists- Emma at Kansas Medical Clinic; the second was from our name draw and the winner is Christina at Beebe Healthcare. We thought the Margarita Crate would be a good summer gift and we hope that both Emma and Christina are able to share this with friends and family at some fun summer fiesta!

Where is your system headed in the near future?

As you think about promoting your own healthcare system, consider using a marketing and advertising company where at least 50% of their clients are outside healthcare. Companies like Frederick Swanston, who work with retail or real estate companies where financial results and sales volumes are measured daily/weekly, have strategists, creatives and digital professionals who understand  the importance not only of new technology but how that technology enhances customer relationships and engagement.

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