Posted By CMPkc on 01/03/2020

New Mover Engagement

By combining the latest in digital target technology with proven direct mail, CMPkc consistently provides the highest response rates in the healthcare industry. 

We’re proud of our proven track record with new mover engagement campaigns, which produce response rates ranging from 6% to 14%. When you start with a laser-targeted new mover list, combine it with PURLs, custom drive-route/proximity maps for each new mover, add digital advertising targeted at the rooftop level, and then gather the household specific health interests, the result is engagement that leads to measurable hospital utilization. 

CMPkc utilizes IP Direct Marketing (IPDM), our patented technology, that enables healthcare marketers to place digital ads in new mover households at the same time the direct mail is arriving in their mailboxes. IPDM digitally targets potential new patients with ads using any offline mailing list (in this case, a new mover list). Our technology matches your mailing list of physical addresses with IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and serves ads to any WiFi-connected device (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop) in the home at the same time your direct mail arrives. This multi-channel approach can significantly increase your response rate and new patient acquisition.

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