Posted By Medicom Health on 08/10/2018

Medicom Health Assessments Overview

Health risk assessments (HRAs) are shockingly effective at engaging consumers.

A completion is a very strong, (self-initiated) statement of commitment to a health concern. 

It's the closest proxy for actual health care that you can provide via marketing channels.

More than million patients have used our HRAs.

Educated, motivated users are likely to follow the evidence-based recommendations for an office visit or other call to action.

We help hundreds of hospitals generate significant revenue every year through their websites, patient portals, Facebook pages, etc.

Our HRAs collect dozens of data points to enable hyper-personalized outreach.

We can also help with best practices for targeting, promotion, nurturing, and cross-marketing. Ask us how.

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Note: The assessment itself is just the tip of the iceberg. Our "CRM-lite" management portal lets you send email campaigns, schedule reports, and more.

Or we can integrate your data with popular CRMs, call centers, appointment schedulers, email automation, etc.