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About True North Custom 

True North Custom is an innovative content marketing agency focused on growth and engagement. Our passion is helping healthcare organizations build engagement and affinity, drive revenue growth and optimize marketing technology outcomes. 

True North Custom delivers fully integrated marketing services driven by research and analytics. We partner with 500+ healthcare, finance, nonprofit, and other organizations nationwide to create, distribute, and measure content solutions across multiple platforms. 

Visit our website to learn more and meet members of our team.

What a few of our clients say about working with True North:

"I'm so grateful to the TNC team for helping us manage so many projects at once. I'm amazed by the quality of work and project management they continue to display at every turn!"

Megan Pacella, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"Every project we have worked on together has been of high quality and the team is amazing to work with. They really understand healthcare and the trends in the market."

Stephanie Wagoner, Washington Health System

"The entire team is dedicated to creating a superior customer experience. We've worked together to create some new ideas for physician outreach, as well as spent time trying to identify how we can optimize current tools. Everyone on the team is responsive when I ask questions or need help with resources. And the answer is always "yes," no matter what the question."

Leigh Atkins, Novant Health

“The customer service at True North has been phenomenal. The most important quality I need from a vendor is the creativity and agility to address and solve both my unique and traditional pain points. They’ve gone above and beyond, starting with the contract review process, continuing with our magazine and website builds, and now with our ongoing products. Their responsiveness is among the best I’ve seen. Definitely 5/5 stars!”

Stacy Covitz, Methodist Health System

“Working with True North and having your team take on our automation workflows has been a huge help. Having worked with a variety of other vendors, I think you guys are different in that you care about my initiatives, you care about my success just as much as I do and you guys are invested from the very beginning.”

Jillian Novak, Baptist Health

“Having an online presence and being front and center has contributed highly to our success. By putting our brand in front of people as a potential solution for what they’re looking for, True North has made and will continue to make a big impact.”

Tim Waggoner, American Health Imaging


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Submitted by a verified client from a health system on Thursday, December 12, 2019

True North Custom managed some content marketing campaigns for peer-to-peer provider content, including a quarterly print and online newsletter, and a couple of annual reports. The content was excellent. They really understand the requirements of the different audiences involved in healthcare and what content to provide for each.
    Overall Rating

  • Content Marketing

This vendor would be at the top of my list

Submitted by a verified client from a provider organization on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

In the early days of digital marketing, I engaged them for our first distribution of a digital annual report. We were struggling with the various pieces involved and if it should be in-house. We ultimately went to True North who came up with some very creative ideas. Not only did we do an annual report, but we produced a whole digital marketing campaign to promote the report. The distribution out to our many stakeholders was not the report itself, but a clickable promotion for the report available for download. It was very unique at its time. The level of creativity and integrated marketing was really impressive and very important to us.
    Overall Rating

  • Content Marketing
  • Creative Services

This vendor would be at the top of my list

Submitted by a verified client from a health system on Friday, April 23, 2021

True North produced content and publications for an organization I worked for previously. Their staff were friendly and open to new ideas and easy to work with.
    Overall Rating

  • Content Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Print Publications

I would include this vendor on my list
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True North Custom managed some content marketing campaigns for peer-to-peer provider more

In the early days of digital marketing, I engaged them for our first distribution of a more

True North produced content and publications for an organization I worked for previously. more

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