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We are data-driven, highly analytical advisors, and expert, hands-on project managers. We employ our deep knowledge of market psychology and extensive customer acquisition experience to effectively navigate the evolving world of healthcare relationships. We have the know-how—in multiple healthcare arenas—to directly connect you to your ideal audience, and then dramatically increase your success. We will help you gain the insight you need into your customers’ needs and concerns, and to understand their entire healthcare journey.

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Tidal Health Group is a New York-based healthcare and medical marketing agency. We are a full-service digital marketing service provider. Our goal is to help foster the connection between patients and healthcare brands, and doctors. We focus on the development of unique content showcasing medical expertise, reputation management, and targeted healthcare advertising.

Tidal Health Services ->
Our deep experience in patient acquisition and patient psychology allows us to launch the optimum strategy and mix of resources to reach your goals. Not only do we manage every digital touchpoint of your organization but also have systems and processes for offline patient acquisition as well. Click to learn more about our services.

Healthcare Web Design & Development ->
We do not outsource or offshore any website development activities. Unlike other agencies, our internal staff handles all web development services. Our team is well versed on new web design, development trends, and best practices.

Medical Branding ->
Visually Create Your Vision and Purpose
Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, no matter the size or scope. How you brand your medical practice is your promise to your patients. It is a product of who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be.

Doctor Reputation Managemen -> 
Is your online reputation bringing you new patients, or driving them away?
When a patient begins to research for a doctor online, they hit 14 digital touchpoints before they make a decision.
What does your online reputation tell potential patients about you and your practice?

Social Media Managemen ->
Our social media marketing services help develop the conversation between you and potential patients. For every client, we develop strategies to grow your following and nurture this conversation. This two-way conversation needs to be authentic to ensure trust.

Photography / Videography ->
Can you measure results from your patients video testimonials?
After analyzing over 70 billion online healthcare searches in a year Google’s research division drew some compelling conclusions. When prospective patients are doing research on a mobile device they contact or make an appointment 10% more often than on a desktop. And the most consumed form of content on a mobile device is video. Your videos should reflect the type of patients you treat and the results you achieve. When a potential patient is able to connect with an actual patient of your over shared symptoms, struggles or pain your ability as a doctor is immediately solidified.

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Tidal Health Group Website

215 E 58th St
4th floor
New York, NY 10022

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New York Gastroenterology Associates
Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine
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    11-50 Employees
    Any Min. Project Size

    Health Systems - Large
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    Community Hospitals
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    Tidal Health Group Reviews

    Submitted by Moustafa Mourad at MouradNYC on Friday, May 14, 2021

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to utilize Tidal Health as my go to marketing firm. They are professional, highly responsive, and provide an individualized approach to my practice beyond what I have come to expect from typical cookie cutter marketing firms. They above and beyond for me as a client, and would recommend them highly.

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    Words cannot express how grateful I am to utilize Tidal Health as my go to marketing more

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