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Posted By Tidal Health Group on 08/15/2023

Tidal Health Group

When healthcare enterprises want to grow now, Tidal Health Group provides the trusted, objective, guidance and comprehensive support they need. Authority is the pivot point. Powerful growth is the result.

How does your medical brand connect with the billions of online healthcare searches each year? By building healthcare authority. We're Tidal Health Group, a team of data specialists and healthcare marketing advisors. We've built a proven roadmap to guide your company towards conveying your expertise online, to build trust with potential customers. Doing this attracts patients, which builds authority, which attracts more patients, building more authority. Okay, okay. We get the point. We expanded a specialty practice from 1 to 14 locations across the US, generating 70% of new patient volume with plans to grow nationwide. We helped grow a surgical service line by increasing revenue 400%. We grew a single specialty practice into a seven specialty, six location group, all while maintaining trusted relationships and continual growth with our clients for years. We make it easy because everything is under one roof. Tidal Health Group. Authority is the pivot point. Powerful growth is the result.