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SymphonyRM’s HealthOS platform blends CRM, data science, and workforce orchestration to generate personalized and prioritized Next Best Actions (NBAs) for every consumer, patient, and provider in a health system to drive growth, loyalty, and quality. Physicians influence Patients, but lack time, money and scale to map out a proactive dialogue with their patients. SymphonyRM's HealthOS Platform allows Provider Networks to assume this role by delivering a prioritization engine for Physician support and Patient Engagement. This solution guides targeted interventions across the patient journey to create the influence and loyalty required to help Patients live healthier lives.

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Healthcare’s only Next Best Action Company helping healthcare organizations drive growth, quality, and loyalty.

SymphonyRM Provides Solutions at Each Organizational Level

We believe a membership model can be transformational to healthcare. Healthcare systems must evolve to become trusted advisers, proactively creating a dialogue with patient members to serve their needs over a life-cycle of care.Our HealthOS analyzes data across multiple channels and presents algorithmically-derived Next Best Actions for specific teams and campaigns.

Marketing Solutions

Run Data-Driven Campaigns
We help clients run successful campaigns for everything from New Movers, pelvic health, care gap screenings like breast cancer screening, annual wellness visits, provider outreach, and more. To be successful, you need to collect, clean, and unify data then generate prioritized Next Best Actions to make sure you're targeting the highest value and most likely to convert patients and providers. HealthOS does all of that for our clients, using machine learning and AI algorithms that have processed billions of data points.

Increase Appointment Volume by Filling Unused Capacity
Target valuable opportunities to fill underutilized appointment slots through proactive outreach. Our provider matching algorithms identify providers that have open panels, with patients best suited to help fill unused supply, all the while accounting for patient preferences and needs.
HealthOS drives engagement across your call center, digital marketing team, and front office team by coordinating one voice across the entire system.

Identify and Drive Value Opportunities Across Your Consumer Population
Drive regional and location-based service goals by aligning campaigns to procedural values. SymphonyRM utilizes algorithmically derived Next Best Actions matched to targeted consumers.
SymphonyRM prioritizes outreach opportunities based on engagement value and physician specialty to market new services to referring providers.

Provider Operations Solutions for Healthcare Systems

From clinic to call center, SymphonyRM’s HealthOS empowers your hospital staff to streamline processes and coordinate outreach.

Insights Measures Activity to Inform Action
PCP patient appointments are a precious resource for a health system. Most systems have three main challenges when it comes to unlocking the value of their primary care network: not properly accounting for the value of an appointment, having an abundance of unused capacity, and not being able to optimize the appointment mix. SymphonyRM’s HealthOS analyzes PCP utilization and gives you next best actions to fill valuable unused appointment gaps.

Coordinate Campaigns for Service Providers to Prevent Network Leakage
SymphonyRM’s HealthOS integrates with multiple EMRs, payer systems and 3rd party claims providers to analyze data and provide referral analytics for hospitals to target and truly influence physician referral behavior and ultimately create a culture of referral retention.

Identify Opportunities for Patient Referrals at the Provider Level
Provider outreach is something very few health systems do well. The lifetime value of a relationship betwen a health system and a provider can be in the seven-figures, yet most health systems take a reactionary, one-time approach to fostering these relationships by using messy data analysis from multiple sources. HealthOS helps you take a strategic approach and consolidates data insights into one interface. Set clear goals for provider relationships and identify Next Best Actions for provider outreach to maintain those valuable relationships.

Streamline Call Center Productivity by Coordinating Outreach Efforts
Centralized call centers will be critical to the future of health systems by becoming patient service centers. With HealthOS, call center agents proactively engage patients in discussions around algorithm-driven Next Best Actions.

Growth Solutions for Healthcare Systems

SymphonyRM’s HealthOS identifies value and profit opportunities across your consumer population to drive revenue and growth.

Drive Revenue through Prioritized Opportunities
Health systems need to be rigorously defining the items that drive value, for both themselves and their patients. Competing business models coexisting together makes this a highly complex challenge in today’s environment. Patients have a litany of referral requirements, preventative health measures, coding gaps, and more. Some practices are underutilized, some have capacity constraints. Each payer contract has its own financial incentives.

Our customizable algorithms codify all of that information and cross it into the population health lists to generate a personalized, value-driven plan for each patient. Then, HealthOS enables a multi-channel proactive patient engagement effort to drive the most efficient use of system resources. Create a high-volume, low-cost interaction channel and watch your revenue grow.

Engage Loyal Patients in the Future
For many patients, the act of giving back is a part of the healing process. For others, it is a way to express gratitude and say thank you. Successful campaigns are about reaching out to the right patients at the right time with the right message. Data should fuel this effort, but simply screening for wealth is not enough. Grateful patients are the most likely to give, and to keep on giving. HealthOS’s data insights triangulate donation opportunities by analyzing wealth and gratitude levels, and by mapping Next Best Actions for each patient. Next Best Actions could range from a digital invitation to make a small donation electronically, to an offer for dinner with the CEO.

Population Health Solutions for Healthcare Systems

SymphonyRM’s HealthOS proactively engages patients with the simple goal of managing their health.

Facilitate Campaigns to Close Care Gaps

Invest in Readmission Avoidance by Recognizing Value
Reducing readmissions not only has big financial value for a health system, but even bigger value for patients. Patients with better outcomes are more loyal and are more likely to be promoters. Almost every health system has some type of transitional care management. Few, however, are truly measuring the metrics that drive success. HealthOS helps you define value and reduce costly patient readmissions by reorganizing workflows, updating scheduling templates, and increasing patient proactive outreach.

Social Determinants of Health
For patients with highly complex health and social needs, HealthOS helps to organize effective interventions at the individual resource level. The solution uses a variety of data sources to identify which patients are in need of direct interventions to assess and manage social determinants of health. For example, HealthOS determines which patients require navigation support, which patients may have poorly managed health conditions that need to be addressed. With this approach, SymphonyRM ties strategic interventions that the health system wants to pursue with tactical behaviors of resources closest to these patients.

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    SymphonyRM Reviews

    Submitted by Drew Diskin at Virtua Health on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    SymphonyRM is the consummate business partner. They are an extension of our marketing team in all aspects of CRM and marketing automation. Their unique technology platform has allowed us the ability to leverage the power of AI/machine learning along with providing easy to understand metrics of success. It’s incredible to see the impressive results of our campaigns... leveraging EMR info, lifestyle segmentation, and online engagement in a comprehensive solution.

      Overall Rating

    • AI/Chatbot
    • CRM / PRM Software
    • Marketing Automation
    • Patient Engagement

    This vendor would be at the top of my list

    Submitted by a Health Systems - Small / Medium professional on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

    With prioritized and evidence-based recommendations, I can influence the metrics we are focused on to ultimately improve the experience for both patients and providers.

      Overall Rating

    • AI/Chatbot
    • CRM / PRM Software
    • Marketing Automation
    • Patient Engagement

    I would include this vendor on my list

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    SymphonyRM is the consummate business partner. They are an extension of our marketing team...

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