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About Quantum Sight

Measure Full Financial Impacts of Marketing Efforts.

We model behavioral, attitudinal and financial data, and develop ROI reports rigorous enough for the C-Suite. Our comprehensive analysis also uncovers valuable opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness and digital marketing results.

Our approach has 4 key benefits:

1. Recommendations that grow sales and build brand value.

2. Achieves short-term growth and long-term loyalty.  

3. ROI reports, business cases and projections that are financially justifiable.

4. A data-driven growth story that impresses the full C-suite.

Evaluate Influencer Marketing & Co-branding Opportunities.
  Quantum Sight has developed a science for evaluating PR opportunities such as: influencer/celebrity endorsement, sponsorship, and co-branding. Our evaluations analyze brand fit, expected lift, deal valuation and risk.

Evaluate Influencer Marketing & Co-branding Opportunities.
Partnering with celebrities, influencers or other brands can be an exciting opportunity to grow and evolve your company brand.  However, it can be a big financial decision and have long term impacts on brand perceptions and financial value. Quantum Sight’s data-driven approach tackles the complex dynamics of celebrity endorsements, sponsorship, and promotions to help you understand if the opportunity is right for you. Our approach begins by leveraging and quantifying social data, reviews, and online articles to help you understand the rewards, risks and financial value. We then conduct bespoke research to further investigate perception impacts on your brand.

Our consulting approach has 4 key benefits:
1.  Online comments, posts, and news transformed into mine-able data to identify opportunities and risks (big and small).
2. Web-based analysis is followed by bespoke research to ensure a detailed evaluation of the deal and its risks.
3. Helps you determine the financial value of an endorsement or sponsorship.
4. Provides post deal strategies so that you can take full advantage of evolving brand perceptions  and newly accessible customer segments/ markets.


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