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One Point

Anderson Indiana 46012

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We Do More Than Print Dots. From message to market, we connect the dots – in how we think and what we do to create, manage and deliver value-added solutions for some of the toughest challenges in the marketing supply chain.

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From message to market
We Connect Insights To Improvement.

From simplifying distribution process complexity to safeguarding brand integrity, we go beyond looking at the “big picture.” We consider thewhole picture. And, we consider it from your point of view. We work with you to provide 360-degree insight, efficiency and control over the metrics, deliverables and results that help you succeed and improve in the eyes of your most important stakeholders. Let us discuss, recommend and deliver against strategies that reduce friction and noise in your sales, distribution, customer and communications channels. From our perspective and yours, we're out to make every connection count.

Does Your "Go To Market" Strategy Include A "Get To Market" Plan For Your Communications?

Whether you're in charge of an entire company or business unit, a new product launch or a sales event, you have no doubt mapped out your deliverables and deadlines. But, how detailed is your plan for ensuring the right pieces get to the right places at the right time? And, how will you know if they do?

The logistics  or supply chain management  side of marketing may not be "sexy," but it is critical for optimizing your overall marketing spend and achieving sales goals. 

After all, for every dollar spent developing marketing strategy and "creative," $4 to $5 is spent getting those deliverables to market  that is, in the production, management and fulfillment of digital and physical content/materials. So, even if your marketing campaign is spot-on strategically and creatively, up to 80% of your marketing budget could be full of inefficiency that leads to missed opportunities and myriad hidden costs, along with dissatisfied channel partners or customers.

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