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For Healthcare Providers: 
Acquire new patients and support clinicians

From early patient engagement to better health outcomes for everyone—Infermedica’s platform supports streamlining and improving care while reducing costs and administrative burdens. Discover solutions that will improve your health outcomes for all key healthcare stakeholders, from individuals to global organizations.

For healthcare insurers
Connect your members with the right services

Respond to the actual needs of your members. Use Infermedica’s platform to improve user acquisition, support your agents, and strengthen relationships with healthcare providers.

For telemedicine 
Scale up with patient-centric digital care

Enable patient acquisition and enhance your telemedicine services with streamlined digital triage and patient intake tools. Use Infermedica’s platform to grow your business and satisfy your patients’ needs.


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Submitted by Aaron Bours at Hyro on Tuesday, October 11, 2022

“We are excited to partner with Infermedica in our mission to help health systems automate navigation and improve access to quality healthcare information, without the need for additional staff,” says Israel Krush, CEO & Co-founder of Hyro. “As we continue to overhaul patient-provider communications in healthcare, we’re thrilled to be able to combine Infermedica’s clinically-backed medical knowledge base with our natural language capabilities so that patients can engage on their own terms and through their channels of choice.”

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“We are excited to partner with Infermedica in our mission to help ...read more

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