With Causeway Solutions, you learn exactly who your potential patients are, where they live, and how to turn that potential patient into an actual visit to your health care. We go way beyond basic demographics to not only find a general "targeted" audience but instead deliver the names of your next potential patient. We provide a unique approach to data, using non-HIPPA protected information to look beyond your current patient’s caseload, and find those that should be your next patient. Our work can span multiple areas of operations and healthcare marketing, including Patient acquisition, Patient preference surveying, Merger, acquisition and expansion planning, and proforma development, and Value-based care and public health messaging.

Service Focus

70% Focused on Healthcare
70% of Causeway Solutions's customers are in the healthcare industry
Analytics accounts for 40% of their focus
Marketing accounts for 20% of their focus
Market Research accounts for 40% of their focus

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Employees: 11-50
Min. Project Size: Any