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Review of Aha Media Group

Submitted Ashley on Tuesday, Mar 12, 2019

Aha Media is a strategic and tactical partner who helps us evolve and experiment with different ways to grow and connect with our audience. The project management and ideation is a huge plus for our team!

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Aha Media Group has been a wonderful partner is generating engaging and informative content across our channels. Aha's process is not only comprehensive, but provides an easy way to engage all stakeholders. Content is thoroughly researched, with niche subject matter still easy to read and scan.

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Aha has been a great partner to work with. They are responsive and insightful. 

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One of our first major projects with Aha Media Group (AMG) was a complete redo of our association website. It was an easy, collaborative relationship from the start. This is attributable to those whom AMG employs – it is the quality of professionals as people, coupled with their level of expertise on top of it that makes them exceptional. They understood how to communicate with our audience, the best practices for website SEO, and how to work with our medical experts. It was just seamless.

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I worked with Aha Media for several years and what I appreciate most about the Aha team is their ability to scale from smaller needs to large-scale content overhauls. Healthcare is not an easy place to play in and they do a great job of staying organized and patient. They were always responsive and if you’re lucky to work with Mike, he will keep all of your projects moving forward. 

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My experience with Aha Media Group has been exceptional. They do a great job of getting to know and understand their client before taking a deep dive and their work is always thorough, well-designed and easy to understand. The data and recommendations they have provide led to significant, and improved, process changes at our organization.

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Aha Media Group has been an excellent content and content strategy partner for many years. We really value their focus on the consumer, the depth of their industry knowledge and trends. On top of that, they are also just great to work with. 

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We wanted to make our talented physicians the stars: the content authors. Hiring writers to interview our physicians and ghost write the blogs, based on Aha’s recommendation, was the way for us to do that. To write for a consumer audience is very different than writing for peers. So, making these blogs consumer friendly was critically important, and that is expertise that Aha definitely brought to the table.

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Aha Media Group is the gold standard when it comes to optimizing healthcare content. The discovery process informed the content creation, and with the detailed information architecture Aha Media created, we were 80% finished with the project before the writing even started.

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