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AMA Tampa Health Presentation 2014: Community Building in Healthcare 629 views

These are Dan's slides from his presentation from the AMA Tampa Health gathering in September 2014. For more information about Dan or his company, go to

1. Let’s Unlearn What We Think We Know About Social Media Healthcare Marketing as Community Building 2014 Tampa AMA Presentation by Dan Dunlop, Jennings Twitter: @dandunlop


3. @dandunlop 3


5. Physician Adoption of Digital Communication & Social Media (A Gradual Process) @dandunlop

6. Physician Adoption of Digital Communication & Social Media • 2012 Research Study: JMIR. Survey was distributed via email to a random sample of 1695 practicing oncologists • 57.5% perceived social media to be beneficial, engaging, and a good way to get current, high-quality @dandunlop information. • 57.9% stated that social media enabled them to care for patients more effectively, and 60.0% stated it improved the quality of patient care they delivered.

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8. JMIR Study 2012 @dandunlop

9. QuantiaResearch; N = 4,032 m @dandunlop

10. Beware These Pronouncements @dandunlop

11. Enough About Doctors, What About Consumers? @dandunlop

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13. @dandunlop

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15. @dandunlop

16. Source: iStrategy Labs, 2014 Facebook Demographic Report @dandunlop

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18. @dandunlop

19. Real Simple & Huffington Post: 3,583 Women @dandunlop

20. @dandunlop Real Simple Poll

21. @dandunlop Real Simple Poll

22. The Connected Consumer • Broadcast era is over • Can’t simply buy people’s attention • The consumer controls: • What they view • What they share • And how they view it (what screen) • Building “communities of shared interest” is an ideal way to take advantage of this trend • Helps brands connect with their audiences in @dandunlop a more human manner

23. Real Simple & Huffington Post: @dandunlop

24. Health Communication: Crisis of Relevance • Our communication and marketing today is largely without value! • Our use of social media is largely without value! • To be effective, you must forget what you think you know about social media. @dandunlop 24

25. Marketing as Community Building • Need for healthcare marketing reform • Moving from marketing “to” women (and families) to marketing “with” women • Making an investment in community • Less transactional; more long term • Deepening engagement with your brand • Providing value in the relationship @dandunlop

26. What Does Value Look Like? • Entertainment • Convenience • Information resource • Sense of belonging • Opportunity for self-expression • Opportunity to be heard; to share • Emotional connection • All of these should be present within a community @dandunlop

27. Elements of Community • Reciprocity • Shared values or interests • Commonality • Listening – We want to be heard • Valuing the opinions of others • Support – emotional and informational • Kindness/Civility • Feeling valued and appreciated @dandunlop

28. Marketing as Community Building @dandunlop Community Building • Fundamental Change: 28

29. Environments/Communities • Blogs • Social networking platforms: Facebook, @dandunlop Pinterest, etc. • True online communities (Inspire, Everyday Health, etc.) • 5 million+ blog posts by members (working with Stanford Medicine) • Your website! What kind of environment have you created? The low hanging fruit.

30. A New Role for Communicators: Creating Environments for Healing & Sharing, and Patient/Consumer Storytelling @dandunlop

31. Health Consumers Telling Their Own Stories & Wanting to Share @dandunlop

32. @dandunlop

33. @dandunlop

34. @dandunlop

35. Online Patient Support Communities • “The proliferation of Web forums and discussion boards and medical blogs all speak to our inherent desire to seek out those like us, to affirm the symptoms and aberrations we’ve finally found a name for, to assimilate into a community when we’ve felt isolated from the larger world of the healthy for so long.” Life Disrupted: Getting Real About Chronic Illness In Your Twenties and Thirties, by Laurie Edwards @dandunlop

36. @dandunlop

37. @dandunlop

38. @dandunlop

39. @dandunlop

40. Twitter Chats as Communities (#HCSM, #BCSM, #HCLDR) @dandunlop

41. Community Building on Twitter • Approach Twitter with a spirit of generosity! • It’s not what you generate; it’s what you share that matters. • It’s how you thank and acknowledge people • It’s about being gracious and thoughtful • It’s about reciprocating • It’s about being kind and thoughtful @dandunlop 41

42. The Twitter Chat • Who here uses Twitter? • You build communities of shared interest around #hashtags • #pelvichealth • Follow streams of conversation sorted by your area of interest • Same courtesies exist; rules of community @dandunlop 42

43. The Twitter Chat • Community building behaviors • Acknowledge/greet people • Retweet and favorite Tweets you find meaningful • Engage in small talk • Listen (you’re not just there to talk) • Share your own insights • It is okay to be a lurker • Always thank your host(s) • Don’t change someone’s Tweet when Retweeting @dandunlop 43

44. The Twitter Chat • Some established Twitter Chats: • #RheumRheumatoid Arthritis • #PPDchatPost Partum Depression • #AlzChatalzheimers, caregiving, Dementia • #ibdchat inflammatory bowel disease • #LCSMCancer, Cancer Tag Ontology, Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Social Media • #BrainTumorThursdayBrain Cancer, Brain Tumor, Brain Tumour • #SpoonieChatArthritis, AutoImmune, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, mental health, Migraine @dandunlop 44

45. #BCSM Twitter Chat @dandunlop

46. @dandunlop

47. #HCLDR Twitter Chat @dandunlop

48. Creating a Storytelling Environment on Facebook @dandunlop

49. You’re Hosting a Dinner Party @dandunlop • The same principles apply: • Who do you invite? (People who will get along and have commonalities to discuss) • You welcome all guests and make introductions • You are gracious and vigilant • You facilitate conversation – connect people • You work to involve everyone in the conversation • You fill awkward silence with new topics • You thank them for coming 49

50. Facebook Tip #1 • Segment. • Create Niche Communities. • You can use private groups on Facebook @dandunlop

51. Facebook Tip #2 • “Likes” don’t constitute engagement • Likes feel good @dandunlop

52. Facebook Tip #3 • Model Community Behavior • Model Conversation • Model Courtesy • Model Responsiveness • Model Sharing • Welcome Visitors • Thank People for Comments • Ask Follow-up Questions @dandunlop

53. Facebook Tip #4 @dandunlop • Listen

54. Facebook Tip #5 @dandunlop • Respond

55. Facebook Tip #6 • Ask Questions; Invite Discussion • This is particularly important when responding to contributors @dandunlop

56. Keys to Building a Sharing Environment on Facebook • Segmentation! • You need to “feed” the conversation • Profile clinicians – always generates @dandunlop comments • Encourage discussion and sharing • Ask for opinions and photos • Respond to comments and questions publicly • Enrich the brand experience with photos and videos

57. This is Every Hospital @dandunlop 57

58. Their Facebook Page: Not About Pelvic Health @dandunlop

59. Blogs: Platforms for Storytelling & Citizen Journalism @dandunlop

60. @dandunlop Moms Matter Blogs

61. 3,000+ Blogs; 55 million readers @dandunlop

62. @dandunlop

63. @dandunlop

64. Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Mundane @dandunlop

65. Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Mundane • 9,442 views in 2013 • 16,518 views to date in 2014 • 26,000+ total views • Key words use in search: • fixing clogged toilet, stopped up toilet • how to unblock a toilet with poop • blocked toilet poop, toilet bowl clogged • how to unclog big poop • clog poop @dandunlop

66. Signature Moms Blog @dandunlop • 8 bloggers from the community • 64,234 visits in 2013 • Surpassed 198,000 total visits! • 2,600+ subscribers • 600+ comments

67. Using Video to Provide Value for the Consumer @dandunlop • Human • Great for storytelling • Provide value

68. Replace this with Video @dandunlop

69. @dandunlop

70. Compilation Video @dandunlop

71. Meet Tutasi Waters, MD @dandunlop

72. Meet Michael Dern, MD @dandunlop

73. Video Content Leveraged @dandunlop • Numerous platforms: • Microsite • YouTube • Facebook • Google+ • Vimeo • Cross promotion on Pinterest and Twitter.

74. Contact Information @dandunlop Dan Dunlop, Principal Jennings Email: Twitter: @dandunlop Linkedin: Blog:

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