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Why Our Video Team is HIPAA Trained

Why Our Video Team is HIPAA Trained

I’m currently in nagging mode. It’s the time of year that I urge, remind and, yes, nag our staff to update their HIPAA training. Every member of our team - whether employee or contractor, videographer or writer, project manager or editor – must get HIPAA trained before working for our company. The training, that needs to be updated at least every two years, is part of our on-boarding process and built into our systems. 

As healthcare video specialists, we believe this knowledge is critical for the job we do and the environments in which we work. We all take an on-line course that’s designed for business associates of healthcare entities. The course doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost much, but it makes us better so it’s a no-brainer that it’s well worth the investment.

Back in my early days as a TV news reporter, I remember Forest Service fire fighters coming to our station to train field crews in basic fire safety. They knew when forest fire season hit, we’d show up on the scene with video cameras in hand. Rather than holding us back, or risking that we unknowingly endanger ourselves or someone else, they decided to train us in how to get the story we needed, safely. They taught us about fire behavior, gave us protective clothing, and equipped us to do our jobs in a way that kept everyone safe. 

HIPAA training is not that different. No one wants to get burned. Having an awareness of where the hot spots might be – be it a patient name next to a room number, PHI on an IV bag, or any number of seemingly benign things that, if not noticed, could violate patient privacy. We want everyone on our team to be aware and able to catch a concern before it ever makes it into a video. 

Our goal is to make video projects easy on you, worry free, and performed with the highest level of quality and professionalism. This is one of the ways we accomplish that. When you invite us into your hospital, clinic and care center you deserve the peace of mind that we fully understand and respect the laws that protect you and your patients.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bit more nagging to do…

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