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Posted By Binary Fountain on 10/07/2020

What is Changing for Healthcare Digital Marketing in 2021

What is Changing for Healthcare Digital Marketing in 2021

Healthcare businesses were dealt a 50% decrease in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic this year. In 2021, the primary concern of healthcare providers is to rebuild their brands and recover the lost revenue exhausted during the pandemic.

However, the process can be grueling as patients remain hesitant to re-schedule procedures, attend checkups and book appointments.

Increasing your online engagement and optimizing your brand presence can kickstart the growth of your healthcare brand. That means one of the best methods to achieve recovery is through digital marketing.

In this article, we will discuss how healthcare organizations should approach next year’s recovery process by understanding the latest healthcare marketing trends and establishing an enhanced digital front door.


5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021 To Rebuild Your Healthcare Business

1. Voice-search optimization and long-tail keywords

SEO techniques have evolved through time, with search engines like Google regularly improving the algorithm to provide the most accurate results.

At the moment, voice-recognition technology, a system that significantly relies on search results, has become one of the most used mediums for search engines. People turned to Alexa, Cortona, and Siri for instructional needs and automated control of tasks.

In the world of healthcare, voice search features are going to become a game-changer. It already showed a significant increase in users as surveys tallied at least 60% of smartphone users are already using this feature.

Dependency on search engines continually increases, and strategies centered around it pave the way for a competitive healthcare market.

As people become more aware of their health, the use of long-tail keywords that will answer health-related issues, explain surgical procedures, or laymanized medical terms can also be beneficial to your 2021 content strategy.

Collectively, optimizing for voice-search and long-tail keywords will help shape the success of your digital marketing efforts.

2. Heightened healthcare content marketing

Medical websites create their content with the intent of being informative and educational. The focus is to address the public’s fundamental concerns when it comes to their health issues.

That’s why medical content articles have now transcended into providing more in-depth explanations of disease and medical procedures.

webinar-covid19-reopeningAs misinformation becomes rampant and public reliance is at its highest, raising brand awareness through medical content marketing continues to be a top priority for healthcare marketers in 2021.

Going through events of the year 2020, the conversation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic surged new heights in social media, search engines, surveys, and third-party listings.

It is safe to assume that people will rely more on online information regarding medical trends in the following year. Healthcare organizations should establish themselves as a front-runner source of information.

Aside from these findings, reputation management should always be paramount. According to Binary Fountain, consumers that are troubled with their healthcare provider’s reputation increased by 167% in just two years. Rebuild or empower your reputation through trustworthy medical content and quality customer service for your patients.

3. The importance of patient loyalty in 2021

A trustworthy organization is characterized by the number of people willing to speak positively about the service of a business to others. In healthcare, customers will likely recommend your brand because of service satisfaction and after-service incentives.

When rebuilding brand presence, it is essential to tap into your loyal customers to aid your campaign, such as taking advantage of emails to notify them regarding the latest discounts or launching a new product.

Additionally, patient testimonials and reviews are vital in building a reputation and raising brand image. A few words from patrons online can change how potential customers see you as healthcare providers.

It can also be done by checking on them through online platforms about how you can help their medical condition.

The importance of caring for loyal patients is showcased by Hubspot’s study, stating that acquiring new patients is five times more costly than preserving old ones. Your existing patients are most likely to support your organization and obtain more services from you.

After an economic struggle due to the pandemic, driving revenue through patient loyalty is a big step toward recovery.

4. Focus on infographics and video

As people transition from old habits to a new technological approach, text-heavy content is being overtaken by infographics and video. Visualized information will always be eye candy. Delivering statistics or serious content through this method is a sure-fire way to catch the public’s attention.

On the other hand, video marketing seeks to make information dissemination much like a conversation.

Treatment procedures, testimonials, and awareness drives are the most common types of video campaigns on stimulating audience engagement for your healthcare brand.

With these techniques, the aim is to make an impact. People tend to keep memories of subjects that have been graphically embedded in their brains.

Learn more about content marketing trends in our webinar with True North.

5. Establish credibility on social media

Social media has always been a powerful platform for digital marketing. Medical information released through these platforms impacts avid followers and brought both positive and negative effects on healthcare brands.

social-media-marketing-healthcareHowever, people are starting to get fatigued with recurring content appearing on their feeds with a clear-defined sales promotion goal. What people will look for in the future is a credible brand that genuinely cares about them.

Healthcare providers should use social media platforms with a pure concern for the target audience by sharing valuable information on health to your social media followers.

You can also establish an emotional connection with your target audience through surveys or testimonials.

Learn more about social media strategies for healthcare in this e-book.

Emerge Stronger in 2021 With These Healthcare Marketing Trends

Recovering from the pandemic’s losses is no easy task. However, by keeping up to date with the latest healthcare trends, your healthcare business can get back on track in no time.

COVID-19 shifted the priorities of healthcare marketers. 2021 is the time to refocus, and there is an organization well-equipped with helping rebuild your healthcare brand.

A relationship built on trust between healthcare providers and consumers will only be regained through enhanced customer service and ease of providing valuable medical information.

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